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Meister Eckhart - Selected writings - The knower and the known are one



Type of Spiritual Experience


If we are only spirit - a Higher spiit plus perceptions we cannot make new perceptions related to the physical creation, we can only 'be'.  All the functions of learning and memory are part of the soul not the Higher spirit.  Thus for us to co-create and be a contributor of the creation we have to be in the physical world.

'There I am what I was' - in the spirit only realm I can only be the Higher spirit

'There I neither increase or decrease' - when 'dead' in the spirit realm I make no new discoveries, inventions, I don't create or destroy, I don't make perceptions that can help with the monitoring of creation

'there I am the immovable' - activity produces perceptions.  Without the functions of the body and thus the soul, there is no movement as such

'The knower and the known are one.' - = the Higher spirit and 'God' are all spirit, and the Higher spirit  is the route to 'God' - the Intelligences and the Ultimate Intelligence



A description of the experience

Meister Eckhart

For in breaking through I perceive what God and I are in common.  There I am what I was.  There I neither increase or decrease … there I am the immovable that moves all things.  Here man has won again what he is eternally and ever shall be.  Here God is received into the soul...........

The knower and the known are one.  Simple people imagine that they should see God as if He stood there and they here.  This is not so.  God and I, we are one in knowledge.

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Meister Eckhart

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