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Turvey, Vincent – The beginnings of Seership – Splitting into three



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The beginnings of Seership – Vincent Turvey

[This is ] a recent experience in which my body, soul and spirit (or my bodies physical, astral and mental-call them what you will), all functioned at once. To prevent wrangling over words, I will call these bodies A, B and C, of which A is the organism that is apparently normal, and which, when met in the street, is called by my name.

On July 15 last three gentlemen called to see me and while we were conversing on occultism three questions were put to me. As I could not answer them, and as none of my "Teachers" were present, I said that I would try to go to India in either body B or C, and ask a "Brother" there to answer the questions.

I expected to go as usual in the mental body, B, leaving .the physical body, A, in the care of C, but something different took place.

From the back of the neck of A a large crystal ball (C) shot out and flew over to India, fell at the feet of my Hindu brother, asked the questions, telepathed the answers back through B to A, which repeated them to my visitors, and then C came back.

Whilst C was coming back A got the message, "Hullo! I am just about half-way between Russia and Italy and there's an earthquake just going to take place."

As a matter of fact the earthquake took place in Greece about ten hours later. Now the prophecy is strange enough-so is the crystal ball-but the strangest thing of all is that I was conscious in A, conscious in B, and conscious in C, because A was smoking and talking, B was watching C on its travels and receiving impressions, and C was talking to the Hindu.

The "sensing" of the coming of the earthquake was a fact which puts this experience beyond "mere hallucination."

All my visitors, whose names I enclose, testify to the prophecy. Mr. W- testifies to having seen the "ball" come back, and Mr. P- testifies to having seen me in a crystal ball before. Another strange phenomenon that has frequently been witnessed with me on occasions such as this, is an objective whitish vapour, which oozes out of me and partly fills the room like a mist.

Yours, etc.


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Turvey, Vincent N

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