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Lincoln, Abraham - News from the front



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Either Mrs Todd Lincoln or President Lincoln himself had formed a bridge with someone at the front.

We now have a fairly complex piece of bridge work!  Nettie via either Lincoln or his wife bridges through to the person at the front.  High emotion would have accompanied this person's perceptions which would have made it far easier for Nettie to access them. 

What she was receiving was first hand experience of the battle via the person the Lincolns had a bridge to.

A description of the experience

Ruth Montgomery – A Gift of Prophecy

Historians record that Miss Colburn was summoned several times to the White House. On one such visit Mrs. Lincoln exclaimed: "Oh, Miss Nettie, such dreadful news! They are fighting at the front; such terrible slaughter, and all our generals are killed and our army is in full retreat."

News of the battle had not been made public, but Miss Colburn obligingly went into trance so that a control called "'Wisdom" could report on the situation. "'Wisdom" assured Mrs. Lincoln that her fears were groundless. While a great battle was indeed in progress, the voice said, Union forces were holding their own, and no generals had been injured or slain.

At that point the President, looking careworn, walked into the family quarters. Hearing what had just transpired, he asked for a repetition and "listened intently to every word for twenty minutes," while "Wisdom" told exactly how the battle was going and what the news would be by nightfall; that the battle was not disastrous and, though not decisive, would be a gain for the Union cause.

Lincoln visibly brightened, and the next day's news confirmed the prediction.

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Lincoln, Abraham

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