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Dixon, Jeane - Prophesies President Kennedy's assassination



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Ruth Montgomery wrote the biography of Jeane Dixon as though it was a story and gave it more of a narrative and personal feel.  The following is thus a reconstructed idea from the witnesses and Jeane herself, rather than pure fact of what happened.
President Kennedy was shot dead on November 22nd 1963, the day of this observation, but 1100 miles southwest of where Jeane and her friends were.
The narrative starts as Mrs Kaufmann asks Jeane why she isn't eating her lunch.

But I want you to also look at this apparent prophecy in another light.  Jeane was by this time mixing with a large number of politicians and very influential government officials.  We now know that there is a theory that the assassination of President Kennedy might well have been planned by those opposed to him politically, as such she may well have met these people, shaking hands with them and forming the necessary bridge.

No one took any notice of jean's prophecy and her worries were not relayed to the President himself by those she told and she told quite a number of influential people - which does seem a little suspicious.  There is just the intriguing possibility that the assassination was planned by people Jeane knew well, which is why the vision was so strong.  This then is pure inter composer communication being presented to her as a vision.

It is not true prophecy - it is mind reading.

It was not 'the will of God' it was the will of a group of high ranking conspirators. 

A description of the experience

Ruth Montgomery - A Gift of Prophecy

[Jeane] leaned back against her chair and closed her eyes 'Mrs Kaufman' she said 'I just can't.  I'm too upset.  Something dreadful is going to happen to the President today'.

"Today? What are you saying?" the motherly dowager asked.

Jeane could only nod miserably, while Mrs. Cope explained, "Mrs. Dixon has been foreseeing a tragedy for President Kennedy very soon. She told me about it the day before yesterday."

Mrs. Kaufmann, who had witnessed many griefs since she was born in turn-of-the-century Georgetown,  patted Jeane's hand consolingly. "Don't worry about it, dear," she counseled. "What is going to happen will happen, and it does no good to anticipate trouble."

Sorrow shone in Jeane's blue-green eyes, and as she fought to maintain self control she said, "Yes, the will of humanity cannot change the will of God."

At that moment the music of Sidney Seidenman's internationally celebrated orchestra ceased, and the conductor hastened to their table. Greeting the three women by name, he said, "someone just tried to take a shot at the President!"

Mrs. Dixon murmured tonelessly, "The President is dead."

Sidney, whose dance bands have performed for White House soirees and debutante balls since the Herbert Hoover era, attempted to reassure the distraught ladies. "No, no, he isn't. He may not even have been struck."

"You will learn that he is dead," Jeane repeated in the same oddly detached voice.

Sidney rushed from the room but returned almost immediately to report that President Kennedy was only wounded.

"I heard it on the radio," he said soothingly. "He's still alive, and they're giving him a blood transfusion."

Jeane gazed at him numbly. "The radio is wrong," she said with quiet finality. "President Kennedy is dead. I tried to send a warning to him, but no one would listen. Now it is too late."……….

A few weeks before the tragic events in Dallas, Kay Halle, who is the daughter of Cleveland philanthropist Samuel Halle, had answered her doorbell and admitted Mrs. Dixon, who was in an agitated state.

"Please forgive me for running in this way," Jeane apologized, "but I know how close you are to the Kennedys. The President has just made a decision to go someplace in the South that will be fatal for him. You must get word to him not to make that trip."

As Kay tried to collect her thoughts, Jeane continued, "For a long time I've been seeing a black cloud hovering over the White House. It kept getting bigger and bigger, and now it's beginning to move downward. That means that the time is near. He will be killed while away from the White House."

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Dixon, Jeane

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