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Ochorowicz, Dr Julian - Annals of Psychic Sciences - Experiments with the medium Miss Stanislawa Tomczyk



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Also in Professor Ernesto Bozzano - The parapsychological manifestations of animals - 130 cases proving animal mediumistic abilities

Case 56. - (Collective visual) - I extract it from the Annals of Psychic Sciences, 1907, pages 67 and 72, and 1911, page 161. It refers to Professor Ochorowicz's famous classical experiments with the medium Miss Stanislawa Tomczyk. In his report on January 16, 1909, he recounts:

... In most of the previous séances, my two dogs, a large Newfoundlander and a small bastard Spaniel, took part as witnesses without a consultative voice. Being well-mannered, they didn't bother me and lay quietly on the floor near an armchair, five meters away from the couch where most of the experiments were done.

When the somnambulist said that little Stasia had just sat in this chair, the spaniel lying opposite began to growl.

I turn around and see the dog staring at the chair. The Newfoundlander was asleep and didn't pay attention to it. He couldn't, by the way, see the chair. But the Spaniel repeated his growl three times, only lifting his head and not moving. He only calmed down when the sleepwalker said the girl was no longer there.

A while later, in the records of the séance on January 19, 1909 (page 72), Dr. Ochorowicz recounted this other incident, in which a cat was the main participant:

The commencement of materialization of the double seems to be confirmed by the behaviour of a white cat who was in the dining room. She stared with visible horror at the place, under the table, where little Stasia was supposed to be. Several times, she turns her look to this side, then runs away scared and huddles herself up in the corner, which she never does before.

In the report in Annals on October 17, 1911, p. 161, there is a third incident of the same kind, the main character of which is a Saint Bernard bitch. This is what Dr. Ochorowicz says:

I am sitting at my desk, Miss Tomczyk is in front of me and we are talking. Suddenly, my young dog, of the Saint-Bernard breed, who was lying under the table at my feet, gets up and starts to growl, looking at a corner of the sofa behind me. She slowly moves forward as if frightened and starts barking, while staring at the same point, where there is nothing.

Miss Tomczyk had a chill at that moment, which she attributed to the incomprehensible behaviour of the dog.

- Maybe she sees something?.....

- It was probably little Stasia, I joked, who came to join us... Let's take the little pedestal table.

Miss Tomczik applies her left hand, and we wait... The pedestal table approaches me as if to greet me with joy.

- It is you, little Stasia.

- Yes, answers the table....

So I decided to schedule a first séance the next day... The "little Stasia" manifests itself, but it is so weakly materialized that the somnambulist hardly perceives her, while the bitch does not see her at all....


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Ochorowicz, Dr Julian

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