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Aurelius, Marcus - Meditations - Destiny



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Meditations – Marcus Aurelius

Do not be ashamed of help.  It is your task to achieve your assigned duty, like a soldier in a scaling party.  What, then, if you are lame and cannot climb the parapet by yourself, but this is made possible by another's help?

 If you set yourself to your present task along the path of true reason, with all determination, vigour and good will; if you admit no distraction, but keep your own divinity pure and standing strong, as if you had to surrender it right now; if you grapple this to you, expecting nothing, shirking nothing, but self content with each present action taken in accordance with nature and a heroic truthfulness in all that you say and mean – then you will lead a good life.  And nobody is able to stop you.

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Aurelius, Marcus

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