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Larsson, Carl – And Luna by Erik Johan Stagnelius



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 Recovery, 1899 - Larsson

"She is saved! - 'She is out of danger!' the doctor says, and I find him marvellous and awesome; I would clasp his knees if I could give in to my feelings. But what I kiss are her - my poor, beloved, little, thin wife's - slender fingertips, the tips of her sleeves, the plait braided by the nurse, which stands out so black against the white bed. With what enchanting splendour life radiates again!" (The House in the Sun, p.29)



A description of the experience

Luna - Erik Johan Stagnelius

Deep slumber hung o'er sea and hill and plain;
With pale pink cheek fresh from her watery caves
Slow rose the moon out of the midnight waves,
Like Venus out of ocean born again.
Olympian blazed she on the dark blue main;
'So shall, ye gods,' — hark how my weak hope raves! —
'My happy star ascend the sea that laves
Its shores with grief, and silence all my pain!'
With that there sighed a wandering midnight breeze
High up among the topmost tufted trees,
And o'er the moon's face blew a veil of cloud;
And in the breeze my genius spake, and said,
'While thy heart stirred, thy glimmering hope has fled,
And like the moon lies muffled in a shroud.'

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Larsson, Carl

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