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van Ruysbroeck, Jan - The Adornment of the Spiritual marriage - God may touch a man from without and from within



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There comes a time which he calls the ‘Prevenent grace of God’.  Although the terminology is a little strange, the meaning is almost universal in spiritual paths and is better known as ‘the calling’ – something happens which turns you into a spiritual seeker as opposed to someone happy to end their days in the normal way.

 In this simple statement I think we also have some clues as to what turned Ruysbroeck into a spiritual man – one or all of these, he is clearly speaking from experience.

A description of the experience

The Adornment of the Spiritual marriage – Roesbroeck

God may touch a man from without and from within.  From without through sickness, or through the loss of external goods or of kinsmen and friends, or through public disgrace.  Sometimes a man is touched also from within through sorrow and suffering, by guilt or fear of death….

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van Ruysbroeck, Jan

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