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Songs of Flying Dragons – Reducing obligations, Justice and forgiveness



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From the Columbia Anthology of Traditional Korean Poetry – edited by Peter Lee

From Songs of Flying Dragons

Because the government burdened the people,
The people who are Heaven to a ruler,
He defied a multitude of opinions
And reformed the system of private lands.

If a ruler taxes his people without measure,
The basis of the state will crumble.
Remember, my Lord,
His justice and humanity.

Even though they were rebellious,
They were loyal to their lord.
Hence he forgave them
And employed them again.

If your advisers wrangle before you,
Only to assist and secure the throne,
Remember, my Lord,
His goodness and justice.

His nature being one with Heaven,
He knew learning surpassed mere thinking.
Thus he made friends
With learned men.

If a small man wishes to curry favour
And preaches, "No leisure for culture,"
Remember, my Lord,
His effort and erudition.

The source of the experience

Taejo of Joseon

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