Common steps and sub-activities

Campaign against the misuse of power

The misuse of power is one of the banes of our society. 

And one of the biggest culprits in the misuse of power is government. 

The more you grow government and its employees the more obligations – often entirely useless and spurious – their employees invent in order to justify their existence.  Governments are no longer servants to the people, but tyrants over them, with regulation after regulation after regulation, none of which can be fairly monitored or policed and few of which do any good.

Thus we do have something  of a problem here because suppression of obligations can only be achieved fully by the government starting to reduce bureaucracy.

So what do we do?

Use the technique for Paring down our obligations. With this list find out the source of all these obligations and start to question the source, campaign if need be, put pressure on your MPs,  and try to remove for once and for good all those onerous and pointless forms, tasks, phone calls and so on. 

Work at it, let them know. 

If enough people do it,  then our lives may be lighter and easier.


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