Common steps and sub-activities

Restraining your use of power

One of the big blocks to spiritual experience for anyone is the presence of obligations – having to do things for other people.

We have to cook meals for our family, fill in our tax form for the government, order groceries in order that our family can eat, and so on. And sometimes it is other people who keep on asking us to do something for them.  They use their power over us to force us to keep on doing things and by doing them we never have time to do anything other than work for other people.

It is one of the biggest stumbling blocks to helping people have spiritual experiences as the pressure put upon people leaves them exhausted and unable to relax enough to communicate with the spiritual world.

There is a method on the website that helps us to pare down obligations, but we also need to be aware that we need to reciprocate – that we must not exert undue power over other people constantly asking them to do things for us – making them feel as if they are under an obligation to help us.  It is the misuse of any power we may have that is important here.

Do as we would be done by.

And if you cease to do it, you may make a few more friends!


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