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Larsson, Carl - On freewill



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To provide some context to this quote it is worth knowing that Larsson says that he “began to seek on the fundamentalist side what I did not find on the side of the state church.” He also came to know several revivalist preachers but “did not take them seriously for very long, despite their good intentions.” He eventually “gave up and left all religious conflicts behind me. But I did want to be blessed, and…sought my salvation in a pure way of life.”


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Carl Larsson – Autobiography [My Life] translated by Anne B Weissmann

Perhaps Luther is really right in his terrible teaching, that the spirit is most important of all and that all is predestined by God.  Since we no longer bother about burning heretics at the stake, I dare honestly confess that I believe in free will.  Thus, if one wishes people well and acts properly, one should have a small abode in heaven and it will be ready, waiting and cleaned by the time one arrives.


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Larsson, Carl

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Free will


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