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MacLaine, Shirley - The experience of inspired performing on stage



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I'm Over All That and Other Confessions - Shirley MacLaine

The miraculous magic of self-expression and the appreciation the audience feels overrides everything. You and they are one, a conglomeration of souls, simultaneously giving and receiving.

Souls creating a new reality with a subliminal awareness that we are all one. You bend and flow and soar with the music. You allow it to carry you aloft.

You begin to fill every space with body language; no movement is meaningless. The lights amplify what you are doing and you know the audience can see everything. You are completely exposed.

There are levels of subtlety in the music you never realized were there. You forget all the pain you ever felt. You forget technique, anxiety, and everything you ever learned. In fact you forget who you are, because you have become one with the audience, one with the music, the lights, and the collective spirit of the audience.

They send you energy.

You send it back.

You participate with each other.

You are dancing and moving in the light with God.

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MacLaine, Shirley

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