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Gurdjieff - De Hartmann: Musiche e Danze Sacre 1di2



Type of Spiritual Experience


The type of experience is not known, as it was not specified, other than that one occurred.

Some people doing this are recorded as going into a ‘trance’, but there are no details of what happened during the trance state unfortunately.

A description of the experience

Gurdjieff used three sorts of sacred dance.  One was whirling and swirling like the Sufi dance, another used a form of quaking and shaking  and then this type of dance used  extremely repetitive movements in which you chanted.  Here the technique uses suppression of learning, which is rather intriguing.  

The clips below show the principle, and the music used which again is intended to be rather monotonous and hypnotic, but no one goes into a trance because they are all taking it very seriously as an exercise in dance and not trance!!

 Example  - You tube video




The source of the experience

Gurdjieff, George Ivanovich

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