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This book, which covers Visions and hallucinations, explains what causes them and summarises how many hallucinations have been caused by each event or activity. It also provides specific help with questions people have asked us, such as ‘Is my medication giving me hallucinations?’.

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Eating for health

Category: Actions



Introduction and description

One reason why we may be unable to get a spiritual experience, might be because we are being assailed by our Autonomic system and Nervous system with messages indicating they are not happy.

Andrew eats for health

Little Andrew on the left has just consumed a large portion of chocolate birthday cake and has no such problems, but there are many people who are not so lucky.

On a day to day basis, we are assailed on every side by attacks to our bodies.  Viruses are the nastiest, but then we have the 'unfriendly bacteria', pollution, toxins, pesticides, heavy metals, not to mention the environmental factors that put us in fight and flight mode on an almost permanent basis.

And a lot of us are sick – very sick – mentally sick and physically sick.

Being very sick can produce spiritual experiences – Hallucinations, Visions, the poet's and painter's Inspiration – but it is not too good at producing Wisdom or Inspiration of the gentler sort, the sort we need on a day to day basis. Overload certainly works, but in the long term it produces misery on a major scale and ultimately kills us.

Alicia eats for health

In this Suppression category there are ways to help us Relax and counter the fight and flight. There are ways suggested to handle all the Obligations that put us in fight and flight or the Threats that put us there too. And I have suggested ways to help us reduce all the 'want, want, want' ways in which we impose fight and flight on ourselves – the endless drive that exhausts us. This helps with the mental problems.

But we still have the Viruses, the Bacteria, the Heavy metals and the Toxins to counter.

A doctor when faced by a sick person asks for symptoms of the sickness and then prescribes a drug that matches the symptoms.

A computer could do this, it is not 'clever' it is a test of memory not a test of intelligence. And long term it does not work. If you do not treat the cause, the symptoms will carry on reappearing.

Muffin eats for health - although the wine isn't his ...

Long term the drugs themselves become the cause too. The intelligent healer [and there are doctors who come within this category] asks, why did this happen – what is the cause? And once the cause is found then this is handled.

I have provided a section Healing yourself, that covers a number of ways in which you can establish the cause of illness and find ways of tackling the cause and one of the ways is to eat your way to health!  

Nature [the spiritual world] has provided in plants a vast array of useful defences that we can use to counter the threats from the environment and get us back in balance, once we know what the causes are.

The pharmaceutical world and research community are well aware of this and have spent a lot of research effort and money finding what these helpful constituents are. Their approach is to isolate the chemicals and then give them to us as a drug. But Nature tends to carefully balance chemicals in plants so that it is the sum total that is key, not the individual constituents.

Thus the key to fighting environmental threats is to eat the plants and other food stuffs that have healing properties.

This way we do not overdose and we get the right balance of constituents. It is incidentally a lot cheaper too – for us, for our health services and our health insurance companies.

Lawrence eats for health .......

It is potentially bad news for the drug companies as they are organised at the moment, but it doesn't have to be. By organising and helping small farmers to produce these organically grown plants and sponsoring the research to investigate plant properties they are the essential 'middle man' in the equation.

There is also a role here for the restaurant owner too, as they are the middleman in the equation when we eat out. There is a real opportunity here for the enterprising restaurant owners to team up with other holistic healers to provide a complete service – 'acupuncture and apples' , 'psychotherapy and sausages'!

In effect I am advocating an approach where, using organically grown produce, we eat our way to health, not over eat, just eat in moderation.


Helen drinks for health ......

In the Food section of this suppression category, I have listed a long list of delicious foods that according to Pubmed research papers have the capability to heal illnesses.

On a day to day basis, all you need to do is plan your meals around this list with as much variety from day to day as possible. The variety is key, it ensures we never overdose and that we provide a vast array of helpful input. And the variety helps us mentally too, it is fun and interesting to find different ways to use foodstuffs imaginatively. This is not meant to be an exclusive list – only these foods, so just because soy sauce for example has no PubMed paper for it yet doesn't mean you shouldn't use it, simply that the list I have provided is what I and the research community, have discovered so far.

Now let us suppose you become ill.

The section on Healing yourself gives you guidelines on how to tackle the illness.  But you can also look in the Illnesses section to see what scientists have come up with as Treatments.

My Dad ate, drank, gardened and exercised for health
and he lived until he was 88 .......

The treatments are divided into two – symptom based pharmaceuticals and cause based treatments - one of which is food. 

The pharmaceuticals are there because this is the standard symptom based approach.  They are also there because it is not unknown for pharmaceuticals to be the source of hallucinations and visions and not the illness. 

In the observations, you will then find the Pubmed research papers I have been able to find that describe the healing properties of the food.


For example, suppose you are Constipated [illness], the treatment for constipation is laxatives [medicine]. There are a number of laxative medicines [symptom based treatment], but there are also a list of observations that describe foods that are known laxatives – prunes, figs, rhubarb and so on. You can then use the observations showing the properties of food to plan meals that incorporate these foods – figs, ham and basil salad with a honey dressing for example; or grilled liver with a savoury rhubarb, onion and cardamon compote; or a winter fruit salad of prunes, figs and apricots poached in green tea and served with yoghurt.

You are then eating your way back into balance.

If you follow the recipes in all the good cook books, you will never overdose and never over eat as most good books also have portion control as well.

David and little Arthur attempt to BBQ their way to health - but this is the UK in the summer, so ................

How it works

The aim here is to produce healing as the spiritual experience, as such each food will work differently

See the food section.

References and further reading

  • Messages from the Gods: A Guide to the Useful Plants of Belize, by  Drs. Michael Balick and Rosita Arvigo.  This book provides information on the many species of plants in Belize and their folklore, as well as the natural history of the region and a detailed discussion of "bush" uses of plants, including for traditional healing and life in the forest, past and present. Both Balick and Arvigo bring important perspectives to the project, Balick as ethnobotanical scientist from The New York Botanical Garden, and Arvigo as a former apprentice to a Belizean healer and an experienced physician. 


Alicia, Els and Lawrence eat, drink and love one another for health ...............

There  are a number of cookery experts that advocate this approach.  Rather than create a long list of numbered observations, what I have done here is provide links to Amazon where their books can be found, these people I think were inspired by this approach.

William, who is my nephew, just likes Salcombe dairy ice cream, and he seems to thrive on it ........


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