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Tirrukural, the - Book 2 Agriculture



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Tirrukural, the - Book 2 Agriculture

1031. After trying other jobs the world comes to the plough,
Which though hard is best.

1032. Ploughmen are the earth's axle-pin;
They carry all the world.

1033. They only live whose food is what they raise-
The rest must cringe and trail.

1034. The might of many kingdoms comes under the shade
Of the ploughman's full-eared corn.

1035. Those who eat what their hands produce
Neither beg nor refuse a beggar.

1036. If ploughmen fold their hands
There is neither food nor penance.

1037. If the ploughed soil dries to a fourth
A fat crop follows without manure.

1038. Manure more than plough, and after weeding
Guard more than water.

1039. A negligent husbandman reaps no more joy
Than a neglectful husband.

1040. The good earth laughs at those who sit back and say,
"We are poor".

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Tirrukural, the

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