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Fruit and vegetables



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This was inspired by the “Handy Guide for Everyone to Correct spelling and Pronunciation” using words which sound the same but differ in spelling and meaning. ……

A description of the experience

Free radicals, radicals we’ll have you beat!
I’ll munch away, munch away on this here beet,
And depression and illness we’ll quickly them bury
By raspberries, cherries and then a strawberry

Vitamins, minerals, god what a maze!
I’ll nibble a stick of this crunchy pink maize
And to give me some bosoms – a fine heaving pair
Give me apples , bananas and maybe a pear

And some vegetables – radish, courgette and then bean
And the wind that I’ll get will show you where I’ve been!
So many to crunch on, so many to choose,
All that munching – quite tiring – all day the girl chews!

And onions, raw onions and also the leek
Give you waterwork problems you dribble, you leak!
So maybe the fresh fruit and vegetable craze
Should be done in small measures – not like me for days!!

The source of the experience

Blithe spirit

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