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Krishna, Gopi - the importance of diet



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Gopi Krishna  - Kundalini the Evolutionary energy in man

Aversion to food is a common feature in cases of a sudden awakening of Kundalini; the abrupt release of the new force and its stormy dash through the nerves causes acute disturbances in the digestive and excretory systems…….

The students of Hatha Yoga have to devote many years of their life to acquire the ability to empty the stomach and colon at will to prepare for emergencies almost certain to arise sooner or later.

Except for this, there can be no other meaning or utility, barring a cheap demonstrative or gymnastical value, in the elaborate and extremely difficult system of physical discipline and body control enjoined by all the exponents of this form of yoga as an essential prerequisite for those initiated into the final esoteric practices of the cult.

The would be aspirants have necessarily to attain proficiency in all preliminary exercises and methods of body control before embarking on the supreme but hazardous course of awakening the serpent..........................

There was .... one very briefly stated injunction – call it accident or divine guidance – I picked up from the huge mass of material in that very cursory glance.  It was to the effect that during the course of the practise the student is not permitted to keep his stomach empty, but should take a light meal every three hours.  This brief advice, flashing across my brain at a most critical moment when I hovered between life and death and had lost every hope of survival, saved my life and sanity and continues to do so to this day.............

During the first week the quantity devoured must have been six times the normal amount.  It was atrocious.  The food disappeared in my stomach as if it had evaporated, no doubt sucked greedily by the hungry cells of the body.

A disregard of time in eating was always visited with a sudden cessation of the desire for food and an absence of taste, aggravated at times to a feeling of nausea and utter dislike for any kind of nourishment.

Experience had taught me that such symptoms indicate a poisoned state of nerves, an inevitable result of the awakening in the first stages, for which there is no known antidote except proper feeding in spite of aversion, done in a manner as may be indicated by the habits and the condition of the system.

One should take care to use only the best, most easily digestible, complete natural foods in such a quantity as can be readily tolerated at regular intervals, normally of not more than three hours.

The availability of a nutritious diet in the stomach is essential in all cases, and has therefore, to be arranged with due care to enable the nervous system to rid itself of impurities…

In the first stages of the awakening and until the system grows accustomed to the flow of the radiant current, the one and only preservative of life and sanity is diet in right measure, correct combination and at proper intervals.

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Krishna, Gopi

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