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Logan Pearsall Smith - from 'More Trivia' 1922



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Logan Pearsall Smith - from 'More Trivia' 1922

'Life', said a gaunt widow, with a reputation for being clever, - 'life is a perpetual toothache'.

In this vein the conversation went on; the familiar topics were discussed of labour troubles, epidemics, cancer, tuberculosis and taxation.

Next to me there sat a little old lady who was placidly drinking her tea, and taking no part in the melancholy chorus.

'Well I must say' she remarked, turning to me and speaking in an undertone 'I must say I enjoy life'.

'So do I', I whispered.

'When I say I enjoy things' she went on, 'I know it.  Eating, for example, the sunshine, my hot water bottle at night.  Other people are always thinking of unpleasant things'.

'It makes a difference', she added as she got up to go with the others.

'All the difference in the world' I answered.


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