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Being naked in the sun

Category: Actions


Involuntary and voluntary

Introduction and description

This technique is one for a warm climate, where the sun is warm [and there!] and you have blue skies.  For reasons I will explain shortly the tropics are ideal and where you find a temperate zone with a warm enough climate then the Spring and Summer are the best times for being naked in the sun.  And you mustn’t lie with your eyes closed you need to frolic a bit with them open.

I think that you can see that being in the sun is going to be deeply relaxing of itself.  It helps to reduce threats because we are warm,  but there are other important links with sunshine and spiritual experience.



This approach was extremely key in the sexually based spiritual practises of the Chinese, Hindu/Indian, Japanese [Shinto] and early Greeks.  It was absolutely key in the Kahuna system.  Polynesians went naked whenever they could, lived outdoors in the open so that they could look at the blue sky and the sea and water.
They also ate well with a high level of fruit, fish and carbohydrates rich in calcium [see Sexy eating]. 

Initiates of the Dionysian Mysteries went naked whenever they could, lived outdoors in the open so that they could look at the blue sky and the sea and water.

lovis corinth. Baccants returning home. 1898

The text left comes from an ancient Chinese treatise of spiritual experience, it doesn’t say whether to wear clothes or not, but the blue skies would help anyway.  Given that the treatise was based on the conversion of sexual energy to spiritual experience, the nakedness would have been less important.


Go somewhere with lots of blue skies and warmth, take your clothes off and make sure you keep your eyes open. 
More specifically 

  • Look at blue light - subject yourself to long exposures of very intense blue light with a wavelength in the range 460 to 480nm, and no greater than 530 nm   - by looking at the sea for example, or by staring at the sky .  This might be rather neatly combined with the technique of Relaxation or just simply lying down
  • Expose your whole body to Ultraviolet light - at wavelengths between 270 and 300 nm.    Do not look at this light, simply expose yourself to it [it did occur to me here that maybe subconsciously we like tanned skin because we associate it with virility]

How it works

There are a number of ways in which this activity helps

Healing yourself

Sunshine helps in the production of vitamin D and thus helps in healing and keeping us free from any illness which may prevent experience

Reducing threats

Cold and darkness are perceived by the body and the subconscious as Threats.  By being in the sun you are helping to reduce threats.

Sexual stimulation

Sunshine helps with increasing sexual energy.  Thus although the heading says sexual stimulation, this would help with making love and sex magick too. 

This means that those who want to use sexual energy as the means of spiritual experience can build up their reserves better.

  • Blue light and the retina - The Pineal gland produces a hormone called Melatonin.  Melatonin can suppress libido by inhibiting secretion of two hormones  - luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) from the anterior pituitary gland – see FSH and LH
    But, Melatonin is inhibited by light falling on the retina.  It is principally blue light, around 460 to 480nm, that suppresses melatonin. Suppression increases in proportion to the intensity of the light and the length of exposure.  Thus we need to have our eyes open for this and be in a place where there is lots of high intensity blue light – the tropics, by the sea and temperate climates when the weather is sunny – summer and spring.
    Thus by staring at blue skies and blue light we inhibit melatonin and thereby increase the release of LH and FSH.  More sexual energy – more sperm, higher libido. 
  • Calcification - The Pineal gland  ‘calcifies’ as a result of certain foods [which I have described in Sexy eating - eggs, figs and nuts and sunshine
    But this cannot be ordinary sunshine, Vitamin D3 [key to the process] is made in the skin only when ultraviolet light of UVB type at wavelengths between 270 and 300 nm occurs, with peak synthesis occurring between 295 and 297 nm.  This is why you need to be in the tropics or a temperate zone in the summer and spring.  Thus being in the sunshine naked for reasonable lengths of time help in the calcification of the pineal gland. 
    A calcified Pineal gland does not work as well – inhibiting the release of melatonin and thus inproving our sexual energy.
    Incidentally getting old helps too, the Pineal gland calcifies naturally anyway with age [see Brain sand].

OLD PEOPLE ARE SEXY PEOPLE!! Who knows maybe very old people are very sexy people, as long as they can stay awake long enough to find out [Melatonin controls sleep cycles too].



A very pleasant way to spend a few days, or months, or years………….

  • Free, legal
  • Very pleasurable
  • Effective – it clearly worked for the Greeks, the Hindus, the Polynesians and a whole host of other cultures at one time
  • Antidepressant effects - It may be worth adding that there is a possible additional positive side-effect of melatonin suppression.  Luzindole is a drug used in scientific research to study the role of melatonin in the body. It acts as a selective melatonin receptor antagonist.  So it suppresses melatonin.  In animal studies, it has been observed to produce antidepressant effects.

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