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Eating your greens for warts



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I want you to forget that this trial was with a drug.

the drug is derived from so called 'cruciferous vegetables' - brassicas, in other words brassicas help in defeating this virus.

There is also evidence on pubmed that it is the sulphur in these vegetables that also helps as it does with all skin diseases

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Georgian Med News. 2011 Mar;(192):34-8.  [New possibilities for elimination of human papillomavirus from the organism].  [Article in Russian]  Tsiskarishvili NV, Nadareishvili LN, Tsiskarishvili TsI

The variety of mechanisms of human papillomavirus (HPV) infection suggests that the success of treatment depends on the choice of a universal method, which combines the actions of etiotropic, pathogenetic and symptomatic approaches, without causing unwanted side effect.

All these requirements are met by a drug based on the products of plant origin - Indinol.

The observed patients with resistant forms of genital warts were divided into 3 groups:

  • first group received the treatment according to the standard, conventional scheme;
  • patients of the second group in addition to the standard scheme 2 times a day (for 90 days) received 2 capsules of Indinol (200 mg)
  • and the patients of third group simultaneously with Indinol undergo infrared irradiation.

The results of the observation have shown that the addition of Indinol to the standard treatment had a significant positive effect on the healing process of patients with resistant forms of genital warts. The effects of the Indinol in combination with infrared therapy revealed a statistically significant reduction (3 times) the frequency of relapses in cases of clinically sever forms of disease. Thus, during combined treatment of patients with recurrent, clinically severe forms of genital HPV, it is advisable to use the Indinol, which evidently has the well pronounced virus-eliminative and anti-recurrent actions.

PMID:  21525537

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