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Bouissou, Madame Michael - Seeing things through Mme de Ch-L’s eyes



Type of Spiritual Experience


We do not think this was an out of body experience, but a case of remote mediumship.  She was seeing things through her friend's eyes, reading her perceptions, reliving her experiences.

A description of the experience

The Life of a Sensitive – Madame Michael Bouissou

I shall now relate three experiments in projection, the truth of which I was able to control with the help of another person. Two of these astral journeys were made to houses and properties where Mme de Ch-L- was living. It is helpful to know that projection is very much easier if you visit certain friendly persons who are familiar with the occult laws. Their fluid apparently guides us even if they are unaware of our experiment at the actual moment it is taking place. Once I left for Holland: I knew no details of the place where Mme de Ch-L-happened to be, nor did I possess a testifying object to give me a lead by its fluid.

I was alone and untrammelled. Here are the images that appeared to me and which proved to be exact when I described them to my friend.

A flat countryside, fields, a few trees clustered round three windmills seen in the light of a rather grey dawn, then, without transition, a very beautiful garden path bordered with flowering rose trees, a room where I saw no one but where I noticed a fur coat lying at the foot of the bed. Before beginning this strange journey I had ordered myself to find an object, a piece of furniture or a knick-knack, sufficiently original to attract the attention of Mme de Ch-L-, who was usually very unobservant. I was therefore rather disappointed when I entered a smart dining-room where I saw a table laid for eight people. I noticed and even picked up a plate, noting all the details; then I left, making my way back through this obscure and dangerous world and found my body relaxed and calm . . . with the same gentle rustle the three sheaths I had felt leave my body returned.

I was neither tired nor emotional, merely a little bewildered and disappointed at having brought back only a plate, or rather the picture of a plate, as sole booty. I immediately wrote down my memories of this journey and fell asleep. The following Sunday everything was explained to me, if I can put it that way, for the explanation was far stranger than the facts.

The description I gave Mme de Ch-L- of the landscape with the three windmills and the hedge of rose trees was correct. It was also true that she had put a fur coat similar to the one I described on her bed, but the end was a jumble of the most incredible details.

I had seen during the night a table laid for eight guests, but the luncheon party actually took place on the following day. It seemed certain that the table had neither been laid nor decorated with flowers the night before. Even more curious; I gave an exact description of the plate which had appeared before me so insistently but without looking upon it as a detail which might have attracted the attention of Mme de Ch-L-. I was mistaken. Her attention had been drawn to it by a tale her hostess told her about this particular dinner service. She had bought it in France and had it put, carefully packed, in the boot of her car. On the return journey she had had an accident, fortunately only a slight collision in which no one was hurt, but she had been forced to go on by train. Naturally she had thought she would find her dinner service smashed to pieces, but not a single plate was chipped. After telling this story she drew the attention of her guests to the design and decoration of the porcelain which had survived the shock. In this way Mme de Ch-L- looked carefully at her plate and recognised it again from the detailed description I gave her. The convincing detail I had wished to bring back from my nocturnal expedition was there and was quite irrefutable.

On closer examination of this strange story it will be observed that at night a room had appeared to me illuminated by the daylight of the following day; that the detail I had mentally desired was given me with all possible precision with the help of a plate which, when it appeared to me, was actually still in a dark cupboard; that this detail was stressed, as though to fulfil my desire, in such a way that my unobservant witness could not fail to look at the decoration of the plates on the table. Of all the experiments which I made over a period of twelve years this one remains the most incredible and inexplicable. Whichever way one takes it one can find no logical explanation. All I have been able to do, after much thought and study, is to admit the mystery and bow before it.

The source of the experience

Bouissou, Mme Michael

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