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Steiner, Rudolf - Nature spirits - Fire spirits



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Rudolf Steiner – Nature spirits

When we come to the fire spirits, we find that they provide the complement to the fleeting nature of the butterflies.  A butterfly itself develops as little as possible of its actual physical body; it lets this be as tenuous as possible.  It is, on the contrary, a creature of  Light.  The fire spirits appear as beings which complement the butterfly's body....... If we had a physical butterfly before us.... and a fire spirit..... then if they were welded together, we would get something resembling a winged human being.

Fire spirits are the element in the world which makes our thoughts perceptible from the other side.

Elemental fire spirits are the inhabitants of the element of heat and light.  When the warmth of the earth is at its height, it is gathered up by fire spirits.  [Processes of heat – combustion, fire, nuclear processes weak and strong, burning candles – the conversion of one substance to another by a process of combustion]

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Steiner, Rudolf

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