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O'Reilly, John Boyle - There is blood on the face of the earth



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John Boyle O'Reilly – from Songs, Legends and Ballads

There is blood on the face of the earth
It reeks through the years, and is red;
Where Truth was slaughtered at birth,
And the veins of Liberty bled
Lo! vain is the hand that tries
To cover the crimson stain;
It spreads like a plague, and cries
Like a soul in writhing pain.
It wasteth the planet's flesh;
It calleth on breasts of stone,
God holdeth His wrath in a leash
Till the hearts of men atone
Wherever a principle dies -
Nay, principles never die!
But wherever a ruler lies,
And a people share the lie;
Where right is crushed by force
And manhood is stricken dead -
There dwelleth the ancient curse
And the blood on the earth is red!

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O Reilly, John Boyle

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