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Fox, Oliver - The need to stay detached to preserve the experience



Type of Spiritual Experience


Fox's experiences interchanged between dreams which then became out of body and back again.

Desire = want = ego and thus Will, so the composer loses control to the will and the experience ends.

A description of the experience

A Record of Out of the Body Experiences – Oliver Fox

It was so difficult to maintain the role of impersonal observer… to realise that if I allowed my desires  to get the better of my mental control the dream would come to an abrupt end. I would enter a restaurant and order a meal, only to wake after savouring the first few mouthfuls.
Similarly I would visit a theatre, but could never stay in the dream more than a few minutes after the curtain had risen, because my growing interest in the play broke down my mental control of the experience. I would encounter a fascinating lady and even talk to her for a while, but the mere thought of a possible embrace was fatal.

The source of the experience

Fox, Oliver

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