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Nizami – Makhzanol Asrar (The Treasury of Mysteries) – from The Third Discourse 01 On the changing world



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Nizami – Makhzanol Asrar (The Treasury of Mysteries) THIRD DISCOURSE

On the changing world

1011 For a moment, oh master who art garbed in trailing robes, throw away the whole world.

1012. Do not injure, be the comfort of the afflicted. For an hour, leave thy greatness behind.

1013. Since the order is to think of the future, power is the slave of poverty.

1014. Do not ask where is the empire of Solomon. The empire remains, but where is Solomon?

1015. The bridal chamber is the same which Azra erected. The banquet is the same at which Vameq sat.

1016. That bridal chamber and that banquet are now departed. Vemaq has fallen and Asra has departed.

1017. Although the world has existed for many years it has not changed by a hair's breadth.

1018. The earth is the same powerful enemy. Heaven, is the same fatal tyrant.

(84) 1019. Who will desire to associate with the world? To whom has it been faithful, that it should keep faith with us ?

1020. He who lived on this earth, became dust. What does the dust know of who is in this dust?

1021. Every rose petal is the cheek of a noble. Every step treads on the head of a prince.

1022. Why are we old, who have given back our youth to the world? Because we are born of the world.

1023. Sam, who had a Phoenix to care for his son, was young, though he had an old son.

1024. The moving dome which is not permanent, desires nothing but what is contrary to thy wishes.

1025. At times it makes thee the king of the living; at times it makes thee into the potter's clay.

1026. Upon this party-coloured carpet, everyone is in despair.

1027. Those who live in the desert, say: "How happy those who live in the sea."

1028. And he who suffers hardship in the sea, weaves spells for the pleasures of the desert.

1029. Humanity is not immune from change; it has security for naught.

1030. It is necessary to go with this caravan, to leave this litter, and to pass on.

1031. He who remains behind in this circle, is driven out of the city and the village.

1032. The traveller, having a respite, is shown from far off in non-existence.

(85;) 1033. Give up empire, because it makes thee proud. What light will the darkness of this shadow give thee?

1034. Thou art spending thy life in play; thou art playing to excess.

1035. The revolution of this playful-seeming sphere did not allow thee time for play.

1036. Before reason matured, negligence was pleasant; how beautiful it was!

1037. When the vision of reason reached its limit, the empire of happiness came to an end.

1038. It is not wise to be negligent; negligence is part of insanity.

1039. Do not sit heedlessly, scribble a few pages; if thou dost not write, sharpen thy pen.

1040. Do not turn from association with the spiritually minded; do not take thy hand from the belt of the saints.

1041. The thorn which is the associate of the rose, pours ambergris into the lap of the hyacinth.

1042. On the day of judgment, when they present the book of our account, they will bring the desert into the arena,

1043. Saying to it: "Oh thou, who art mixed with the blood of the dumb animal, and oh thou, who hast drunk the heart's blood of the weary,

1044. "How could thy sands have the water of life? Thou art the desert; thou hast not the blessings of the Euphrates "

 (86) 1045. The sand will lament, saying: "I have drunk blood. Do not stone me; I have not committed a murder.

1046. "I provided salt for a table; I mixed with some hearts,

1047. "So that, when I embrace the saints, I shall become the intimate of the bracelet of the celestial maidens. "

1048. When they pass judgment upon it, according to the decree of its nature, they will make it the minstrel wearing anklets in paradise.

1049. He who chooses good associates, will necessarily profit by it some day.

1050. Good associations have been removed from the world; the honeycomb has become the wasp's nest.

1051. Look at the world and see how, because of inhumanity, mankind is on his guard against mankind.

1052. They have taken spiritual knowledge from mankind; they have taken humanity away.

1053. Since the heavens revolt against the covenant of Solomon, he is human who is now invisible like a spirit.

1054. I deemed it advisable to run away from whomsoever I associated with.

1055. The shadow of no man had the glory of the Phoenix; I found no trace of fidelity in the friendship of any man.

1056. What is the seed of culture? To sow fidelity. What are the rights of fidelity? To observe fidelity.

1057 To the farmer who sows the seed comes the day when he eats of it.

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