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Carlyle, Thomas - Sartor Resartus - Eat your wages, and sleep



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Sartor Resartus – Thomas Carlyle

"Call ye that a Society," cries he again, "where there is no longer any Social Idea extant; not so much as the Idea of a common Home, but only of a common, over-crowded Lodging-house?

Where each, isolated, regardless of his neighbour, turned against his neighbour, clutches what he can get, and cries 'Mine!' and calls it Peace, because, in the cut-purse and cut-throat Scramble, no steel knives, but only a far cunninger sort, can be employed?

Where Friendship, Communion, has become an incredible tradition; and your holiest Sacramental Supper is a smoking tavern Dinner, with Cook for Evangelist?

Where your Priest has no tongue but for plate licking: and your high Guides and Governers cannot guide; but on all hands hear it passionately proclaimed: Laissez faire: Leave us alone of your guidance, such light is darker than darkness; eat your wages, and sleep!

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Carlyle, Thomas

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