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Robert Stein – The positive benefits of frustrating desire



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The following is maybe a little bit convoluted, but what he is saying is that when we have had a mighty succession of setbacks where our ego has been severely dented, and our desires frustrated, the subconscious can get a look in and inspiration can be let in and we are in a better position to be helped along the spiritual path

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Robert Stein

When the immediate fulfilment of needs is frustrated, the inhibited instinctual drive can stimulate the formation of images which are mental equivalents of the desired object. 

The desired object …….., is no longer an autonomous other. I begin to find that [the object desired] is part of me, a part that had long been unconscious.

The greater the disruption or transformation has effected in my everyday life, the more important a piece of my soul is represented. ….. Jung calls it "withdrawing the projection" from the object of desire so that I can ……….allow this piece of my soul ("my anima") to become a helpful, functioning part of my psyche.

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