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Romano, Jacques - The methods used in mind reading



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The Jacques Romano Story – Dr Berthold Eric Schwartz

In his trancelike state Romano was in harmonious contact with his own unconscious. Critical, intellectual functions were held in abeyance. At such times he appeared able to exercise a degree of control over his telepathic abilities, and he communicated with the subject's unconscious, his forgotten memories, and life experiences.

While in this trancelike state Romano was supremely self-confident, without self-consciousness or anxiety. If he was challenged or interrupted by a subject, the process was compromised and errors were increased. His subjects usually had either a positive, friendly attitude, in expectation of success, or a negative attitude of complete incredulity and anticipation of failure. But in both cases Romano had their rapt attention.

He seemed to succeed better with subjects who had strong feelings one way or the other than with subjects who were completely indifferent.

All the "spirit and mind readings" would appear to be entirely free of deception. Considering all the material that Romano produced, in addition to the allowable element of lucky hits, circumstances, and coincidences, there still remained a hard core of mysterious "foreign body" facts completely unexplainable unless presumptively telepathic or psychic.

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Romano, Jacques

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