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Plattes, Gabriel – A Discovery of Subterraneall Treasure - 01



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Not all this book has been scanned for the site, just the chapters pertaining to dowsing and alchemical practises.  But for those who find the pages we have scanned interesting anyway, the rest of the book is also a veritable mine of useful and wise information.

Gabriel Plattes was way way ahead of his time.  His observations had given him an understanding of how geology and the formation of the earth worked on a level with todays geologists.  And notice that he did not say there is no God or that there is no Creator, he simply said, this is how rocks formed over time.

The two, to him, were quite compatible.  And this is because he saw order in the universe and thus there needed to be a power that created that order.  Furthermore, as an alchemist he would have been perfectly familiar with the symbolism of the Bible. 

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Plattes, Gabriel

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