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Bose, Sir Jagadis Chandra - Perceptions and inorganic matter



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We should not be surprised in the end that inorganic matter has perceptions too.  All 'matter' in the end is the same at the microscopically small level, at the atomic and possibly sub-atomic levels.  As such the same mechanism can apply for organic or inorganic, as it is essentially a common perception system for all matter.

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Sir Jagadis Chandra Bose – His Life and Speeches

In the pursuit of my investigations I was unconsciously led into the border region of physics and physiology and was amazed to find boundary lines vanishing and points of contact emerge between the realms of the living and non living. 

Inorganic matter was found anything but inert; it also was a thrill under the action of multitudinous forces that played in it.  A universal reaction seemed to bring together metal, plant and animal under a common law.  They all exhibited essentially the same phenomena of fatigue and depression, together with the possibilities of recovery and of exaltation, yet also that of permanent irresponsiveness, which is associated with death.

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Bose, Sir Jagadish Chandra

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