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Bose, Sir Jagadis Chandra - The correlation between stimuli, emotion and illness



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If we look at the correlation between stimuli, emotion and illness, very low intensity, short duration pulsed stimuli heal, whereas long duration, high intensity constant stimuli damage.  Dr Bose did similar tests on plants and found the same sort of effects.

We see the same effects in homeopathic medicine, tiny doses, truly tiny doses of certain chemicals can heal, but larger doses can kill – arsenic for example is used in homeopathy.  We have a common pattern here, therefore in action and effect.  High intensity can cause illness, normal intensity has no effect, possibly very very low intensity may even heal

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Sir Jagadis Chandra Bose – His Life and Speeches

Dr Bose explained how the effect of a given agent – a chemical solution or an electric current – is profoundly modified by the dose; a given intensity producing one effect, and a different intensity giving rise to an effect diametrically opposite.  This is the reason for the inexplicable anomalies that have baffled many investigators.  Numerous are the forces which act on growth, some helping, others retarding, the effects being further modified by the strength and duration of application.  These factors that determine growth are each to be studied in detail, and the laws of effect of each to be discovered.  

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Bose, Sir Jagadish Chandra

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