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Vaughan, Dr Alan – A symbolic dream with precognitive content



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Patterns of Prophecy – Alan Vaughan

The awesome powers of the unconscious mind were symbolized to me once in a dream that had a moral:

I was in a cave, swimming about in a shallow pool when a powerful Tarzan-like man appeared with a tiger. I was very frightened of the tiger, but I tried not to let on. The man was bragging a bit about the prowess of his tiger and how well trained it was. He pointed out a large pool outside the cave but very far down the mountain side. He said he would order his tiger to dive into that distant pool and return. That seemed to be an incredible feat but the tiger did it. When the tiger returned it had to pass over me, which frightened me even more. But I worked up courage and said, "That was very good."

I was astonished when the tiger replied, "Thank you."

My God," I thought, "it can speak English."

And I was no longer afraid of the tiger, but admired it the more.

The dream symbolically states that if one learns to communicate with the psychic levels in the unconscious that psi needs no longer to be feared. Indeed, it is capable of extraordinary feats if trained-it can dive into the distant pool of the unconscious yet in the future and bring it back to consciousness.

I had that dream on December 19, 1967, shortly before I began to explore seriously the prophetic potential of dreams. My five-year journey through dreams has taught me much, not only about prophecy, but also about myself.

For to analyze dreams for possible precognitive content, one must first learn to analyze them for symbols in relation to past and present experience. Building up a personal dream-symbol dictionary enables one to recognize the symbolic significance of real-life events and their continuity from past through the present into the future.

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Vaughan, Dr Alan

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