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Blithe spirit - Palace and the hornets



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I had a really strange dream last night that I suspect is a sort of warning....

I was in a beautiful, truly beautiful building built of white marble or some shiny white mirror like stone.  The building was on the top of a terraced mountain, each terrace being very large, but all of it was man-made and the same stone.  There were parapets and stairs and things leading up and round.  The top of the mountain was flat and the sky was a deep blue, crystal clear and the sun was shining, so that everything appeared crystal like and beautiful.

The building was open plan with huge floor to ceiling open windows without glass.  It reminded me a bit of some of the Indian mogul buildings [Taj Mahal etc] I have seen, the stone, the columns, the decoration - but it was unlike anything I have really ever seen before  - being rectangular and not domed or anything like that.  In the windows there were voile curtains that were billowing out of the windows in a gentle breeze.  Everything was white – perfectly pure.

There were rectangular pools with turquoise water, shallow pools and no fountains, just crystal clear water.

And no vegetation - none.

In my dream I wandered round this marvellous place.  No people except I did feel the presence of a someone who was with me.  We went in and out of the building and along the terrace, all I could see were clouds below.

Then this 'person' said – ‘look over there, we need to be careful’.

And I saw a hornet, a huge monstrous thing about a foot in size.  It had the most vicious spike on the end of its body and it was building a nest - a sort of paper nest layered like a wasp nest on one of the marble pergolas on the terrace.

And as we walked round more hornets appeared all building nests.  And the noise was awful  - a terrible droning sound like a chain saw.

Then all the nests opened and millions of smaller hornets were released and filled the terrace, everywhere, everywhere, buzzing round me, not stinging, but they filled the sky, a black cloud

And I woke up, as you would in the circumstances, bathed in sweat and trembling.

I think the symbolism is fairly clear.  What I have done will 'open a hornet's nest'.  I know I am quite nervous about what I’m doing and its impact, I suspect my mind simply represented the fear I feel.

I suppose it may also have been a warning that this could happen.

But the palace was lovely.

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Blithe spirit

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