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Hypnerotomachia Poliphili [The Strife of Love in a Dream]   - Francesco Colonna translated by Joscelyn Godwin

I now found myself in a much more agreeable region.  It was not hemmed in by dread mountains and cloven rocks, nor encircled by craggy peaks, but by pleasant hills of no height.  These were wooded with young oaks, roburs, ash and hornbeam; with leafy winter oaks, holm oaks and tender hazels, with alders, limes, maples and wild olives, disposed according to the aspect of the slope. 

Even on the plain there were pleasant copses of other wild shrubs and flowering brooms and many green plants.  I saw there clover, sedge, common bee bread, unbelliferous panacea, flowering crowfoot, cervicello or elaphio, sertula and various…. herbs and flowers strewn about the meadows.  This entire happy region was copiously adorned with greenery. 

Then, slightly beyond the middle of it, I found a sandy or shingly beach dotted here and there with clumps of grass.  A delightful grove of palms met my eyes, with the leaves shaped like pointed knives that are so useful to the Egyptians, and with a generous abundance of sweet fruit.  Among these date clustered palms some were small, others of medium size and the rest straight and tall; the chosen sign of victory because of their resistance to heavy weight

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Hypnerotomachia Poliphili

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