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Morrells, Luce and the domes



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I am on the slope of an enormously high mountain, a little bit like Etna in Sicily. It is gloriously sunny and very warm.

Below me is a vast plain, seemingly miles below, spread out and in the distance the sea. It is very flat and a soft sort of yellow colour. All over the plain are dotted these vast silver domes, truly enormous but well spaced apart.

The slope is very steep and covered only in soil. I am with two Indian [Hindu?] people. One asks me to take off my shoes, so I do and he takes me by the hand and we sort of float down towards the plain.

I sort of ‘feel’ the soil, which is soft and warm and a sort of browny reddy colour, a loam, a nice feeling. We are on the plain very quickly.

We go towards one of the domes, it is closed but he opens it.

It opens like one of those cake protectors you see in cake shops, one half slides back leaving a half dome. Inside is this vast aquarium. I have never seen anything so large and so deep in all my life and it is full of fish, fish milling about splashing in the water. They are coming to the sides where they seem to be feeding.

I received no explanation, the dream stopped there and I woke up.

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Morrells, Luce

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