Does heaven exist? With well over 100,000 plus recorded and described spiritual experiences collected over 15 years, to base the answer on, science can now categorically say yes. Furthermore, you can see the evidence for free on the website allaboutheaven.org.

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This book, which covers Visions and hallucinations, explains what causes them and summarises how many hallucinations have been caused by each event or activity. It also provides specific help with questions people have asked us, such as ‘Is my medication giving me hallucinations?’.

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Nizami – Makhzanol Asrar (The Treasury of Mysteries) – from The First Discourse 01



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On the creation of Adam

826. In the beginning, when the worship of love was not, there was no rumour of existence in non-existence.

(70) 827. One chosen, prepared in the secrecy of non-existence, entered into existence and opened its door.

828. He was the last-born child of the spirits and the first of the children of man.

829. He raised the banner to rule and like the banner he fell and he rose again.

830. His pure quality is "He taught Adam." The honour of his dust is "He kneaded his clay."

831. His essence is both opaque and transparent. He is at the same time the touch-stone, the gold, and the money-changer.

832. He is the new idol who disturbed the angels, the only bearer of the new order, the mirror of the sons of the dust.

833. He is the bracelet on the arm of the soul; his arm carries the bracelet of the seven heavens.

834. He is rocked in the two cradles and is the essence of the two gems mixed together.

835. He bestows the robe of honour on the prisoners; he is the watchman and the cup-bearer of the angels.

836. He is honoured by being the beginning of creation; he broke the virginity of creation.

(71) 837. He was a tongue-tied child forty days old, yet teaching the sage forty years of age.

838. He came like a love letter beautifully written, like a rose tree from the garden of Paradise.

839. A light from the all-seeing eyes, a bird from the highest tree of Paradise.

840. He throws grain to the birds of heaven, therefore all bow down before him

841. And he, for the sake of one grain, generously threw down the garment and the glory

842. And was caught in the snare by grain which was not worthy of acceptance ;

843. Therefore prayers came into being, and the whole world bowed down to him.

844. At the door of the cynosure of all eyes, exception was made to the prostration of a rebel.

845. He scattered rose petals from the eight gardens on all, but brands on Satan.

846. He had no joy without thee and could not rest a moment in the garden of Eram.

847 .He was not able to rule, because he was burdened with anxiety for thee.

848. The love of wheat burned his heart; it split his heart as wheat is split.

(72) 849. Through his newly created love of us, eating wheat became of small account to him.

850. He who like wheat had neither forefathers nor descendants, could not prosper without the earth and the grindstone.

851. Until he was thrown down, his desire was not realised, and he was not honoured until he was crushed.

852. His body was coloured like straw and was blistered like the starry sky.

853. Like barley and wheat, he was tested in the earth for thy sake, oh hypocrite.

854. Through eating that unworthy wheat, he was stripped like a grain of wheat.

855. All the humiliation which he suffered from the enemy was caused by his desire to partake of that wheat.

856. The wheat caused him great distress and eating it was unwise.

857 .When mankind began to eat wheat, the wheat opened its mouth wide

858. Oh thou, who hast lost sight of the purpose of life, thy snare has been that grain of wheat.

89. Partake of barley bread and be patient; do not eat of the wheat which deceived Adam.

860. Thou art the secret voice of the Heart, do not follow Satan; thou art the lion of the prince, do not be the dog of the door-keeper.

861. It is impossible to wash the dirt from thy skin unless thou repentest like Adam.

862. To ask pardon befits him who has done a wrong because Adam prospered through repentance.

(73) 863. When Adam desired that grain, he was thrown out onto the field of the earth.

864. He saw that his desire of this grain was unprofitable, and that he was entangled in this snare.

865. He watered this withered rose and pitched his tent in Ceylon.

866. He fled there, shamed by this sin, and threw that black dust on to his head.

867. For a time, through the bad omen of the skies he mourned in India.

868. When the blackness of sin was washed from his hands, the indigo plant grew at his feet.

869. He became white and beautiful like the moon he hid the tresses of sin under his cap.

870. When through repentance his heart was purified he became the ruler of the empire of this earth.

871. He planted the seed of fidelity in the land of justice and endowed us with the produce of that field

872. He left in this room with six doors all that the treasurer of Paradise gave him.

873. Partake of this produce, because it is for thy benefit; he planted and thou must reap.

874. Aloe-wood is burnt by the fire in the censer. The toil of the ass is for the ease of the saddle-maker.

875. When thy affairs were settled in thy absence, they singled thee out for favours.

(74) 876. Float like a rose on the waves of spring, that thou mayest not be anchored in the garden like a thorn.

877 . Go on bravely when thou seest autumn, because timidity burns the soul.

878. Thou hast the appearance of a lion, but thou art not lion-hearted. Although thou hast a heart, thou hast no courage.

879. One can paint a lion on a wall, but a hundred blows will not move it from its place.

880. The heavenly robe does not befit thee; thou art dust and nothing but dust befits thee.

881. The good fortune of thy affair declines; thy heart is small and thy sorrows great;

882. Otherwise, why should the high heaven imprison in a city a, conqueror like thee.

883. Gird up thy loins like the circle. Thou art in the circle of heaven, treat heaven gently.

884. It is the nature of fire to travel swiftly; it is good not to lag behind in the race.

885. Be like water and run swiftly, because running water is precious.

886. Those who are slim possess the gem of the body; the soul is valuable, because it is ethereal.

(75) 887. A light breeze is like a soul in its movement; thou art heavier than the mountain of Qaf.

888. If thou art not deceived by colour like a thorn, do not admire thyself like a violet.

889. The house is polished, and thy face is everywhere; therefore thine eye looks at thyself.

890. Although thou art reflected on every side, yet thou art none of those reflections.

891. Thou art thine own lover and a worshipper of form; therefore thou hast a mirror in thy hand like the heavens.

892. If thou shouldst taste a particle of thine own flavour, thou wouldst withdraw from this tastelessness.

893. Renounce tyranny, take refuge in fidelity.  What is mankind? Take refuge in God.

894. Look at His goodness and follow His example; confess thine own sin.

895. When thou prayest in shame, His bounty will be thy merciful helper.

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