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Parker, Shelley E - Senses the death of a little girl



Type of Spiritual Experience


Quite complex inter composer comunication.  Not a premonition, but communication between all the relatives and the little girl herself. 

The bucket and spade symbolism is not universal symbolism, but the pink is an indication of love - a loved little girl.

The scene is the archetypal 'paradise'

A description of the experience

The Wisdom of Near Death Experiences - Dr Penny Sartori

I had another dream of a little girl about ten years ago. She was the daughter of someone I knew and was almost three years old when it happened. She was a lovely, pretty, happy little girl, fit and healthy. I didn't know her well but I’d seen her on a few occasions.

l'd been away living in the USA for about five months and when I came back I had this very vivid dream. In the dream I was in Bala, in North Wales (yet I knew in my mind it was 'the outskirts of heaven') and I was walking along this path and in front of me was this little girl and she was with her aunty. I'm not sure how accurate the image of the aunty was as I'd never met her or seen photographs of her - I just knew that she’d died about 20 years previously. I didn't look behind me because I 'knew' there would be just space there. The aunt said she was there to take the little girl to heaven. The girl was dressed in pink and had a pink bucket and spade and glitter makeup on the side of her face. She was very happy and excited to get to heaven and was frustrated that they hadn't got there already. She was dancing around expectantly.

The aunt said that she’d been with the little girl all day and was exhausted looking after her. The little girl had to go first and the aunt would be with her. I knew they were both going to heaven but they had to go in one by one. There were mountains in the background, while I could smell the loam in the soil; it was a really overpowering smell of soil. Then the dream ended.

I woke up the next day and felt really unsettled. I thought about phoning the little girl’s father but then thought better of it, trying to rationalize to myself that it was just a dream. That feeling of anxiety lasted all day, I just couldn't shake it. I went out to dinner with the family and then in the restaurant I looked at my watch - it was 10.10pm and all of a sudden all of the unsettled feeling and anxiety just fell away and I thought at last I'm starting to relax.

The next day my mum got a phone call to say that the little girl had died unexpectedly the night before. She wasn't pronounced dead for some time after because the hospital staff worked on her but I sensed the release at 10.10pm.

The source of the experience

Parker, Shelley E

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