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Jili, Abd al-Karim - Henry Corbin - The Paradise of Yima



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Spiritual Body and Celestial Earth – Henry Corbin [translated by Nancy Pearson] 1977

Moreover the paradise of Yima in which are preserved the most beautiful of beings who will repopulate a transfigured world, namely, the Var that preserves the seed of the resurrection bodies, is situated in the North.  The Earth of Light, the Terra Lucida of Manicheism, like that of Mandeism, is also situated in the direction of the cosmic North.  In the same way according to the mystic ‘Abd al-Karim Jili, the Earth of the Souls is a region in the far North, the only one not to have been affected by the consequences of the fall of Adam.  It is the abode of the ‘men of the Invisible’ ruled by the mysterious prophet Khizr…. And here it might be useful to look at all the symbols that converge toward the paradise of the North, the souls’ Earth of Light and the castle of the Grail

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Jili, Abd al-Karim

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