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Novalis – Heinrich von Ofterdingen



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Novalis – Heinrich von Ofterdingen
From The Star Game

In the great square before the palace there was a garden of metal trees and crystal plants, heavy with fruits and bright flowers of precious stones.  The variety and elegance of the figures and the lively lights and colours made for the most delightful entertainment, and the crowning splendour was a tall fountain in the midst of the garden which was turned entirely to ice.  The aged hero went slowly past the palace gates.  A voice within called his name.  He leaned on the door, which opened with a gentle sound, and stepped into the hall.  He held his shield before his eyes.

‘Have you still found nothing?’ plaintively asked the fair daughter of Arktur.

She lay on a silken cushion on a throne cunningly fashioned from a great sulphur crystal, and a few maidens busily rubbed her soft limbs which seemed mingled of milk and crimson.

Beneath the hands of the maids there streamed from her in all directions the alluring light by which the palace was so wonderfully illuminated.  A fragrant breeze wafted in the hall.  The hero was silent.

‘Let me touch your shield’, she said softly.

He walked up to the throne and trod its rare carpeting.  She grasped his hand, pressed it tenderly to her heavenly bosom and touched his shield.  His armour clanged and a penetrating force enlivened his body.  His eyes blazed and his heart beat audibly against his breastplate.

The beautiful Freya seemed more glad and the light that streamed out from her became more fiery.

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