Spiritual concepts

Hero - the quest

The stages of all heroes' quests follow a pattern:

-       the call to the adventure and departure many first calls involve some shock, rebirths or even ‘near death experiences’ signifying the need for a change

-       initiation usually involving a wise advisor e.g. Merlin, Gandalf, Obi wan kenobi, the Trickster magician, Taliesin from the Mabinogian, the Alchemist from the book of the same name.  A seer mystic, wizard a mysterious and powerful person

-       the giving and receiving of the magic weapon – the sword, the light sword, the cloak of invisibility etc

-       the fellowship of allies – the support of friends e.g. the order of the Jedi knights, the Knights of the Round table, the fellowship of the Ring

-       the period of training

-       defeat of inner demons, resistance to temptation

-       the quest itself with all its troubles, traumas, defeats and victories

-       the return as a hero.


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