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Prince and princess

The symbolism here is extremely confusing.

If the terms are found together, both Prince and Princess, the symbolic meaning is the Conscious and Subconscious.  This is described in the section on the Conscious and Subconscious synonyms, which also shows all the other symbols and names.

The same symbolism with the same meaning is also found in the section on the Brain and its Left brain and right brain functions.

But additional symbolic meaning may also be attached to the symbols, if used singly, thus the term Princess without any reference to a Prince and vice versa. 

In this case the symbol describes a man or a woman on the Spiritual path who has not yet been enlightened

The symbolism revolves around the crown chakra.  Once the crown chakra has been opened and spiritual input and spiritual output allowed to flow, then the person is said to be enlightened [see Types of Spiritual experience] and figuratively speaking has received a Crown.  From this point they are Kings and Queens.  Before this has happened they are effectively apprentices.

In Chess they would be classified as a Pawn.


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