Does heaven exist? With well over 100,000 plus recorded and described spiritual experiences collected over 15 years, to base the answer on, science can now categorically say yes. Furthermore, you can see the evidence for free on the website allaboutheaven.org.

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This book, which covers Visions and hallucinations, explains what causes them and summarises how many hallucinations have been caused by each event or activity. It also provides specific help with questions people have asked us, such as ‘Is my medication giving me hallucinations?’.

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Stead, William - part 10 - A Vision of a palace and city



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During the next three or four days it proved impossible to get into the town, without causing a major problem. My chance came when one of the staff wanted a hand carrying something from the shops. As he uttered these words I jumped up to offer my assistance before anyone could say anything. The particular shop was not so close to the large department store. I had to run quite a distance to get there, and back within reasonable time. Once in the shop it did not allow time to worry about the normal precautions. The best that could be managed involved a quick look around. Taking a tin put it inside my jacket, trusting to luck. As it turned out everything was fine, and returned without arousing any suspicion. Before meeting up I transferred the tin under my armpit, and walked back to the home slightly uncomfortably. It was hidden in my dormitory, with the metal undercover removed to avoid causing any problems at night. Returning to normal life waited the evening to come.

It became a long day going through the rituals, and my mind was not on any of these. In the classrooms I tried to comprehend what a three dimensional environment would be like. If by judging what happened on the previous occasion as a guide, it should be very interesting. We finished classes and had our evening meal. The rest of the night was spent in the television room trying to take my mind off the situation. Our normal bedtime being ten o’clock I went to the dormitory before this, checking everything was in order. The tin could be felt inside the pillowcase resting on my head. I watched the others come into the room, and go to bed. All that now remained involved a waiting period, for everything to settle down. The nearest I can recall to being this excited was during Christmas, as the presents were given out.

The time before commencement became savoured, waiting for just the right moment. It had now come. The life span of a tin was in excess of six hours if used continuously. I had never gone much beyond two hours before, but tonight it seemed quite conceivable to exceed that record. After pouring out the glue I went under the sheets and started. My attention from the outset became focussed on the darkness surrounding me. As it took effect a difference became perceived, in depth and shade. The only change being minuet specks of colour seen within this space, with nothing else outstanding. Coming from beyond my bed, in the area of the dormitory a song could be heard drifting through the sheets towards me. The first line developed after the musical introduction 'This is your golden day'. Because this happened it caused me to pull back the bedclothes, to find the source of the music. Looking around the dormitory I was completely taken aback. The whole room had been transformed into something more resembling a palace, than a ten-bedded area for naughty boys.

The bland setting now had furniture, from different time periods appearing in front of my very eyes. These were superimposed within the existing structures of the room. Where a bed stood, more elaborate four-poster versions moulded around these. It's design looked authentic to my limited knowledge of antiques. The change affected all aspects of my environment. The carpet became multi-patterned, having a depth and quality that would never fall within the budget of a local authority. The ceiling altered to a much-decorated area, with additional plaster patterns all around. That, which had once been lights, was now a chandelier. To see this was to look at a real chandelier. Curtains adorned the new design windows, and the whole imagery became quite stunning. After my first good look, the room was filled with golden speckles falling down from the ceiling. This tied in with the song. It indeed was a golden day.

The whole set began changing before my eyes, that is every aspect that had been previously witnessed. The beds, chandeliers, windows, curtains and carpets, all assumed different designs. None of these were of a lesser quality, just alternative pieces. The total transformation would take around twenty seconds, and begin over again. It was all very stunning. The complexities on display proved extremely impressive. Other events happened in the room as the changes were going on. One of these concerned an elongated style of cinema screen that appeared in front above my head, showing a film similar to One Hundred And One Dalmatians. It being in cartoon format, concerning spotted dogs. This wasn't an extract copy from the original film, more a likeness. It did have one aspect of difference and that was in quality, it appeared much better. It would be impossible to remember all of the events that happened, during the first sequence of my education that evening. It was like taking a deprived little boy, dropping him in Disneyland with a free pass to go were he pleased. It proved so spectacular that I would not have believed it could get more diverse. I was wrong.

This show had taken my mind off the original intention. Going back under the bedclothes, a whole New World awaited me. That which had been a black cavern was now filled with light, combined with imagery. I began seeing well beyond my physical space, it was totally awe-inspiring. Ahead in the distance appeared a large set of gates that opened shortly before coming to them. Going inside there were many buildings surrounding me. One of these was consciously chosen and some part of me went towards it. As well as seeing a different environment to that which my body occupied, I had to come to terms with moving independently. This combined with looking at objects, not with my eyes, but some other function that I had been only partially aware of up till now. That is quite a simple explanation of my immediate recognition, in conjunction with this place that my alter ego inhabited. The building in front had a door to one side, and moving towards this it opened to let my presence in.

It appeared to be a backroom that housed stage props, because everything in the room seemed authentic. I noticed two men working, moving various items about. Both of them were aware of me, or whatever version was on display. The men were dressed in clothing that belonged to the nineteen twenties, or thirties. From the limited visions seen until then, it gave an appearance of America during this period. I moved closer towards them, and in doing so they stepped aside to let my mass enter the space they had occupied. I knew instinctively not to try and touch them, for whatever part of me occupied another perception did not have hands as such. It did however accompany a presence that felt human. Being in a new environment did not warrant any sudden actions, and I was feeling my way around, carefully. The two men continued working, and at one point wanted to come back to the place they had been previously. By simply thinking about moving backwards, it happened. They did not seem at ease with me being there. Nothing extraordinary happened during that time, unless you count just being there. I wondered what was happening back in the dormitory. Lifting the bedclothes it appeared as before, constantly changing. The range of furniture going through the room was quite astounding. Each of the ten beds was of a different design, not all four posters.

I had returned to the stage area that was now minus the people. There appeared something odd about them, thinking back to the previous encounter. They looked real enough, that is all there features, sizes and mannerisms were identical to a normal body and compared in visualisation to anything I had seen whilst using glue. It is hard to put this into words. The imagery lacked something that is unmistakably human, and did not possess that quality. There seemed little point in staying in a deserted building, and moving across to another door went outside.

I saw a road that could have come from a major city in America during the early part of the century. The buildings and surrounding fittings were exact, as one could have imagined them from this period, however it was not real in the true sense of the word. On this street there were people and vehicles corresponding with the setting. I moved up the pavement and encountered people walking along to the side of me, as you would find in any street setting. The differences were striking in a number of fundamental ways. The first noticeable one being it seemed very quiet for such a large area. As I came upon these individuals going about their business, each looked at me without saying anything. Continuing onwards watching the people gave a chance to study them closely. They wore clothing from that era, and were all very smartly dressed. It was evening, but did not have the ambience of such an occasion.

The first car I came upon was a black limousine. Crossing on to the road, it was a real car in every sense of the word. There were however detectable differences, the first of these being it was in pristine condition. No indications were visible that informed me as to its make, or model. Without any badges or labels it could not be distinguished from any other black limousine. One other little pointer being the lack of exhaust fumes from a running engine. These changes to one's concepts were very apparent, but not so important as to make me think different about the events on display. It appeared more like creating an imbalance to one's perception.

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Stead, William

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