Symbols - What does heaven look like


Life, when controlled by Destiny and subject to the Great Work is frequently symbolically referred to as a play and the setting as the theatre. We are actors or Puppets in the play, with a role, but unlike many normal actors we actually have little clue about the plot or how we fit into the scenario!  Occasionally, we never even live to see the end of that scene, we rarely see the end,  or the play as a whole.

Spirit helpers in this context are then the Director, stage hands, the producer, the script writer and so on.  There is also the link with the symbolic mask.

The part played by spirit helpers, the link with puppets and the concept of life as a play and the stage and theatre as the symbolic setting for life is wonderfully illustrated here in this Church door! 

This is St James church in Hamburg.  The current building was restored after most of the old church was destroyed in 1944.  Only the sacristy, the base of the tower and exterior walls survived but it was restored in 1962 with a new 410 foot tower. 

And it was given a new doorway cast in 1966 and made of bronze.  The double doors show a man attempting to ascend [ascension]  with the help of various spirit helpers, and the curtain or the veil.

There are also, faintly seen, a very large number of trumpets – tunnels offered to the aspiring candidate, who is pulling himself up by a rope.

More details of why Actual theatre evolved can also be found in the section Kings and Queen and politics.


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