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Pauli, Wolfgang - Letter 28th September 1952



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Letter 28th September 1952


The Chinese woman walks on ahead and beckons me to follow. She opens a trapdoor and walks down some steps, leaving the door open. Her movements are oddly dancelike; she does not speak but only expresses herself in mime, almost as in ballet. I follow her and see that the steps lead into an auditorium, in which "the strangers" are waiting for me.

The Chinese woman indicates that I should get up onto the rostrum and address the people,  apparently to deliver a lecture. As I am waiting, she "dances" rhythmically back up the steps, through the open door into the open air, and then back down again. As she does so, she keeps the index finger of her left hand and her left arm pointing upward, her right arm and the index finger of her right hand pointing downward.

The repetition of this rhythmic movement now has a powerful effect, in that gradually it becomes a rotation movement (circulation of the light). The difference between the two floors seems to diminish "magically." As I am actually mounting the rostrum of the auditorium, I wake up."

This dream, which made a deep impression on me, marked a certain progress.

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Pauli, Wolfgang

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