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As above so below

In its strictest sense this phrase means that the invisible software level ‘above’ the physical hardware level mirrors it – that is for every entity that physically exists, a spiritual software layer exists to ‘animate’ it. But as we are copies of the Intelligences and the software they embody we can extend the meaning to also include this aspect. 

The phrase occurs in numerous cultures. The standing or sitting Buddha – cross legged with back upright  -  hands pointing above and below symbolises the epithet ‘as above so below’.

Furthermore there are many other references to the same concept.  The following tarot card from Rider Waite shows this and the Freemason’s diagram….

Eliphas Levi’s painting of Baphomet also incorporates the same symbolism.   Levi was an interpreter and contributor to tarot symbolism. Even the following statue of George Washington incorporates the symbolism – though it may not have been intentional.  In this latter case the statue is probably indicating the laws in his lower hand have been given by God, but nevertheless the incorporation of the symbolism we see here is interesting…

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