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Schuré - The Great Initiates – 'Remolding' in order to attain mastery



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Rameses III



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The Great Initiates – Edouard Schuré

"In order to attain mastery" said the sages of that age, "human beings need a total remolding of their physical, moral and spiritual beings. 

Through [this], human beings can develop their faculties to an incalculable degree. The soul has senses that are asleep; initiation awakens them.

Through profound study and constant application, human beings can put themselves in conscious touch with the hidden forces in the universe. Through a great effort they can attain direct spiritual perception, can open to their vision paths of the afterlife and can make themselves capable of advancing along these paths. Only then can they say they have conquered fate and here on earth have acquired their divine freedom. Only then can the initiates become initiators, prophets and theurgists, that is, seers and creators of souls.

For only those who control themselves can control others; only those who are free can set free."

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Ancient Egyptian

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