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An ancient Hermetic axiom states ‘as above, so below’.  The macrocosm  [great world]  is repeated in the microcosm [little world].  The human body is composed of billions of cells, each cell is a life centred in itself, managing itself, feeding and breathing for itself, separately born and destined separately to die.  Further it is a life helped by and in turn helping the whole assembly, which latter is the corporate individual.  Each cell has its central nucleus, the most vital structure in its organised mass, extract this and the cell dies.  The heart of man corresponds to the nucleus of the cell, extract this and the man dies.  The Sun is the heart of  the Solar system; obliterate the Sun and the planetary systems would disintegrate.  The galactic centre is the nucleus for our galaxy.

Life is one great energy system.  Within this energy system are infinite aggregations of lesser energy systems each is concerned with maintaining itself, yet is dependent upon its environment and other energy systems each giving and taking, creating and maintaining the vital equilibrium

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Mayo, Jeff

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