Symbols - What does heaven look like


The circus and fairgrounds became over time the spiritual home of all the mechanisms of spiritual experience relating to overload techniques and also a symbolic landscape that preserved some of the truths.  ‘Gypsies’ – for that read sensitives and mediums  - also tended to migrate to the circus as being their natural home

 I will provide a list of just some of the symbolic circus features, the cross references can then be used to find out the actual symbolism:



Big top

Carousel or merry-go-round

Catherine wheel


Ferris wheel

Hall of mirrors


Helter skelter

Human cannon ball








Roller coaster





 There is the Wall of death.  There is the ghost train which is intended to be a mechanism.  The dodgems with their little chariots.  And a lot of rides that involve swinging, swaying and rocking.

The Big Top is half an Egg, and around the edge of the central ring  where the light is focused are loads of levels and layers with us simple spectators sitting there in our little cones watching the show

The animals are chosen according to their symbolism which is why we have lion tamers, those who ride elephants  and people able to do bare back riding on horses.

And we have fire eaters.  We also have ascent by ladder or ropes to trapezes and the state of suspension.  There are those who can balance on a thread or cord, seemingly flying in the air, afterwards they fall and are caught in the Net.  Occasionally we see the man who throws knives at his accomplice as he twirls round – pierced by swords – or the magician who does the same with boxes

And then of course there are the clowns.

All of circus is symbolic.


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