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Ashton R - Becoming a tree and little pills



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Utterly fascinating.

There are numerous examples of people who turn into trees and feel like trees in myths and legends, Daphne is just one.

The pin pricks are synaesthesia.

The carnival I think is a symbolic reference to circus

The split up of his leg may [and may is the operative word] be a lesson on understanding aggregates and the nature of the atom.

A description of the experience

So We Enter the Aethyr - Salvia divinorum (10x extract) - by Ashton R.  Source EROWID

Hallucinations are images - disconnected pictures on a movie screen; presentations in symbol, open to interpretation. They can happen, or they can be directed - either way, like virtually everything else, they can serve as tools in the right context. …..For myself, I do not believe in taking drugs for recreation - but, one part of my take on the drug-related issue has changed. If there is a specific intention, and - like anything else - if intuition points favorably to furtherance (and the person is question holds sufficient maturity - is undertaking for a genuine purpose and has the capability of wise discernment), I see no err in taking a drug as part of a ritual; for spiritual purposes, or for purposes of gaining a different form of insight to a situation either not accessible or blocked from consciousness. So, it was with that intention and environment that I tried salvia a few weeks ago. ….. here's what happened:

I was in the living room with [a friend] sitting down with soft music playing and the lights dimmed. I took an experimental hit of the salvia extract - and the first thing that happened, almost instantly, was the sensation of wood both pressing into and growing from the hinges of my jaw. Two straight branches of dark wood emitting from jaw hinges (seen) - and then a scene incorporating the parallel extensions into a construction. It was night-time, and I was hiding under desolate rafters at what felt like a carnival in the distance. Subsequently, with eyes open, my entire body felt amassed with pinpricks (something like an allergic reaction) - this, along with the pain at the hinges of my jaw, was unbearable the way a tattoo being done in a sensitive area amplified by 100 is unbearable. I curled into a ball - and every molecule (eyes still opened) on my leg separated - it looked as though my leg was made up of hundreds of blue and white pills - that had little arms, legs, and faces - and were all screaming in a really high pitched tone, looking up at me. My body felt entirely composed of these pill-people.

The Old Woman in the Wood-  illustration : Arthur Rackham from The Grimm’s Fairy Tales… “Suddenly the branches twined round her and turned into two arms."

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